LF Art Class

LF Art Class

You don’t have to be Monet or Da Vinci to create beautiful artwork that you can be proud of. You could be a well-seasoned artist or a beginner, post-modern or impressionist – or perhaps you’re still looking for your own style. Come to our one-of-a-kind art class and start your masterpiece today- oh, and you can bring a friend too!

Who participates in our art class?

People of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate in our art class to express themselves and de-clutter their minds. Over the last decade the link between art and mental healing has become clear through various studies carried out by health psychologists around the world. The Clinical Psychologists at Canterbury Christ Church University found “the significance of the arts in human development”, and at LF Recreational we couldn’t agree more! Many use art as an easy way of expressing emotion and creating something beautiful and unique out of an experience, or alternatively it can be used to develop one’s skill, while de-stressing.

The purpose of the sessions is for you to create art in any way you wish and for any purpose. The art classes are very interactive, so you can easily bounce ideas off of other people and make good friends in the process . We can help you with any inspiration you need, but we’re sure your mind is already overflowing with wonderful ideas. Of course the art supplies will always be provided, and all you have to bring is yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

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