LF Cooking Class

LF Cooking Class

Don’t you just love the comfort of digging your fork into a succulent, hearty meal? Or perhaps the satisfaction of taking your baked treat out of the oven and not being attacked by the dreadful smell of burning. Cooking can be incredibly fun for everyone in the family, regardless of skill level and experience. Our emphasis is enjoyment, and our goal is for you to complete the day knowing you created something that you can take pride in.

Why you’d love us

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show and wondered how in the world you’d go about creating such wonderful exotic dishes, without total chaos in the kitchen – we have the means for you to master a multitude of recipes, without popping a vein trying to follow a fast-paced tutorial – trust us, we know how intimidating it can be. At LF Recreational Activities, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy creating mouth-watering treats for you and your family, all while learning the correct techniques and using the finest kitchen supplies.

What you will learn

Whether you are 9 or 99, our friendly and accommodating environment can teach you everything from basic to advanced cooking techniques, and our guests have claimed to see a vast improvement in their skills in one day alone. We take inspiration from cuisine all over the world and our cooking sessions cover everything from exquisite gourmet dishes to hearty Shepherd’s Pie that may even rival your Nan’s (Don’t worry, we won’t tell her!).