LF Get Fit in 2017 Community

LF Get Fit in 2017 Community

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We carried out a survey with 150 women and asked them “if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?”; over 60% of the women who took part said they would change their teeth. There were many different reasons for this answer; their teeth wern’t white enough, there were gaps, they were crucked.

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Technique is very specific. It literally means moving a leg half an inch here or pushing your hips back more there. Simple as it is, the repositioning of the body makes all the difference to the end result.

Like any new project or venture, you have to learn the technicalities before you can perfect it.

For example, someone who has basic computer skills might take two hours to do something on the computer that a computer whiz could complete in half an hour.

It is the same with your body. You could spend two years training, with minimal results, or seek the services of a professional and after two sessions, be well on the way to a great new body.

Another very important factor relevant to technique is the actual quality of your movement whilst going through the motion. I can now put on a great comedy act imitating the way some people exercise.

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By showing my clients how these people execute a move and how they should execute a move are two entirely different things.

Every movement has to go through a certain range of motion or speed. If you move too quickly through a move, it will appear easy and you will also be stressing the joint rather than the muscle.

This is the body’s way of cheating by relying on the momentum rather than on controlling each move.


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